Jonestown Mountain Repeater Association *


           I will post your pictures here as soon as I receive them... :)

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JMRA's President Mike Leffler              One of the club's control operators  (K3EVQ)                                             Alan Rosenbaum (KB3EXF) and his                                                            daughter Brittany, who is studying for                                                            her amateur radio operator license.

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Club member Megan Rosenbaum       K3EVQ (Mike Leffler) and W2EMF  (KB3EXG) and daughter Brittany.      (Albert E. Donkin) at repeater site.


Here is the shack that JMRA's              KB3VS (Robert W. Folman) at repeater  is housed in with HT              repeater site.                                   on top.

JMRA's repeater site.